Manage and automate
your community engagement

Scales helps professional networks and communities to connect and engage members. Design and launch automated networking, peer learning and cohort based engagement programs.

Empower your global community

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Integrate members without compromise

Implement programs to connect new community members and accelerate member integration to foster belonging across borders from day one of the member journey.

Strengthen your community and culture

Support your communities within the digital context to ensure social connections and improve organizational culture within a one company, one vision framework.

Proactively engage talent across silos

Unify process and promote collaboration between specific segments, geographies or domains with programs to break down silos and improve organizational engagement.

Build member knowledge networks

Create domain or skills specific knowledge sharing initiatives and peer mentorship programs to accelerate knowledge transfer across your community's network.

Automate network engagement

Scales makes it simple to launch community engagement programs across your entire company, automating hundreds of hours of manual work.

Data & segmentation

Scales lets you connect any data set from your existing platforms. The Scales user database can be fully customized to create dynamic member groups.

These segments may be defined based on data such as location, interests, and more. Once created, groups update automatically to reflect changes made to the user database.

Program rules & content

Scales programs let you create your own rules for who, when and why your members engage and interact. Define the associated program segment, group size, frequency and scheduling parameters to connect your community.

In addition, Scales admins can associate any relevant content, like agendas, training resources or surveys, to be included automatically with the engagement programs.

Implementation & analytics

Whether engaging dozens or thousands of members, implementing Scales programs takes justminutes. Once activated, programs run automatically week after week, month after month, and may be updated in real time with new rules or additional content.

Scales programs generate clear and powerful data reports that allow company leaders to assess and adjust their engagement efforts on an ongoing basis.

Built for impact at scale

Enterprise integrations

Scales is built on top of enterprise integrations with your organization's existing video and calendar providers.

Highly customizable

Leverage your existing employee data to fully customize the rules of interaction within your unique company context.

Engagement data & analytics

Real-time, simple to read engagement data for company leaders to understand the people-impact of Scales programs.

Automated scheduling

Calendar integrations and time zone support provides a simple experience for both product admins and employees.

AI-driven facilitation

Utilize our advanced algorithms to increase the relevance and personal impact of your people strategy.

GDPR & privacy focused

Scales was built with enterprise level data sharing, employee privacy and GDPR compliance on top of mind.

Early adopters love us

"We started a program where all new hires meet colleagues who also started recently so they can share experiences. These small, routine interactions have increased the overall experience and interpersonal engagement of our new team members."

Tech Recruiter — IT Consulting firm

Put your community engagement on autopilot

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