Microsoft Outlook

Integrate your company's Microsoft Outlook account to automate the scheduling of Scales meetings.

Connect Scales with 

Microsoft Outlook

What can this integration do?

By integrating with the “ Admin” Azure app in Active Directory, Scales has the ability to create your organization meetings directly in Outlook, as well as ensure no double bookings occur based on individual work calendars.

After a program match is made, Scales will look into individual team member's calendars to see if they are free. If no availabilities can be found, scheduling will default to the original program time.

What scopes does this integration require?

This integration requires Microsoft Azure authorization. This includes:


- Read and write calendars in all mailboxes
- Allows the app to create, read, update, and delete events of all calendars without a signed-in user
- Can be limited by access control lists

Scales access may be restricted to a list of mailboxes defined in an application access policy:

More information on how the integration works can be found here:

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